The Privacy and Security of your information is very important to us.

Archifx 3D Studios does not collect personally identifiable information from its users, unless the information is necessary to complete a transaction to sale products to a user of its Site. Archifx 3D Studios will not disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties, unless absolutely necessary in order to complete a sales transaction. We, at Archifx 3D Studios have taken all essential steps to ensure the security of personally identifiable information. When private information from a user is requested (such as credit card numbers), the Secure Socket Layer (SSL technology) is used in order to transfer the needed data. This technology encrypts the users data so it is impossible for anyone else to read it. Archifx 3D Studios' Secure Software interfaces directly with the Yahoo/Paymentec Solutions Secure Order Transaction System. All information is handled with the utmost discretions. It is recommended, for the users own safety, that he or she never include their credit card number in e-mails!

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