This collection of stucco textures includes an assortment of styles and techniques used by architects and builders. Each texture has been professionally crafted in order to provide textures that are completely seamless and tileable. These textures have virtually no noticeable repeated patterns. In order to provide quality textures, Archifx 3D Studios has put every stucco texture though the test by applying them to actual renderings. See the results by scrolling your mouse over the thumbnail images below, and watch the stucco textures change in the rendering above. The thumbnail images are only a representation of each texture (the original texture has been scaled down and cropped). Image resolution appears below the thumbnails. Each stucco texture comes in 30 different colors! That's a total of 300 stucco textures! Click the colorchart icon to view all available colors.
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Stucco / EIFS textures and bump maps are featured in the "Exterior Wall Textures Vol. 1" texture download.

Rendering by: Archifx 3D
Note: Click this button above to view the actual detail of each texture as noted in corner of image.
Image of texture behind actual detail image has been resized and / or cropped to fit window.